Publications, data products, and libraries supported by CryoCloud#

Publications and reports#

Abrahams, E., Snow, T., Pérez, F., Siegfried, M. R. (2024). A Concise Augmentation Strategy for Preserving Spatial Context in Tiled Imagery for Earth Observation, International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR). arXiv:2404.10927

Chu, W., Bartholomaus, T., MacGregor, J., Morlighem, M., & Walden, V. (2023). Report on the 2023 Future of Greenland ice Sheet Science (FOGSS) Workshop: Unifying Themes, Cross-Cutting Priorities, and Future Directions.

Millstein, J., Snow, T., Sauthoff, W., Scheick, J., & Siegfried, M. (2023). CryoCloud: Accelerating Discovery for NASA Cryosphere Communities with Open-Cloud Infrastructure (NASA Request for Information). Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.7662993


Fisher, M., Stafford, T. (2019) “Desktop GIS Software in the Cloud with JupyterHub.” Jupyter Blog,

Data products#

Sauthoff, W., & Freer, B. (2024). Subglacial water flow paths beneath Whillans Ice Plain, West Antarctica (Version 1.0) [Data set]. NERC EDS UK Polar Data Centre.

Open source libraries#

icepyx from Jessica Scheick and others - Python tools for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 data

earthaccess from Luis Lopez and others - Python library to search for, and download or stream NASA Earth science data with just a few lines of code

Fig. 1 FlipNSlide tiling scheme#

FlipNSlide from Ellianna Abrahams and others - Python library that improves image tiling and augmentation for geospatial machine learning applications

SlideRule and sliderule-python from David Shean, JP Soinski and others - Python client and notebooks that make it easier to interact with SlideRule Earth on-demand data

ITS_LIVE-Downloader-Tracker from Victor Devaux-Chupin and others - a Python library for ITS_LIVE datacube downloading & tracking/strains calculation