How we work#

The CryoCloud Community is collaborating to create this JupyterBook, with an eye towards how others could collaborate with us in the future.

The CryoCloud Code of Conduct describes how we work to create an inclusive, diverse, and positive environment through continual learning, practice, and iteration.

We believe open practices can accelerate data-driven solutions and increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in science. These are critical to uncovering enduring science-based solutions faster, as well as for the well-being and resilience of research communities. We work towards kinder science.

Our style of working is greatly influenced by:

The CryoCloud JupyterBook is made with our 2i2c JupyterHub.

Learn how to contribute to our JupyterBook or any other GitHub project in the Workflow section.

Modeled after NASA OpenScapes Cookbook.