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This JupyterBook is in development as we launch the CryoCloud project.

The CryoCloud is a JupyterHub built for NASA Cryosphere communities in partnership with the International Interactive Computing Collaboration 2i2c. Launched in October 2022, the CryoCloud cloud-computing projects aim to establish a curated interactive computing platform and develop Cryosphere community expertise in open-soured and cloud-based platforms. The intention is to transition a NASA community into the cloud while discovering the needs and overall best practices for making this transition.

📖 On this JupyterBook website you’ll find tutorials. All tutorials are Jupyter Notebooks, designed to be run interactively, but also rendered on this website for convenience.

💡 Learn more about the CryoCloud hosted by the Colorado School of Mines Glaciology Laboratory by contacting us: cryocloud (at) mines.edu

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