Getting started#

The majority of our users will join the CryoCloud through specific events, but we understand extenuating circumstances will prevent some members of the ICESat-2 community from being present. If you are part of the ICESat-2 community and want to join the CryoCloud, please follow these instructions which will guide you through taking the two onboarding surveys and gaining access to the CryoCloud.

  1. Fill out this short Getting Started Survey to give us the required credentials and information to get you on the hub.

  2. Once we have your survey, within the next day or two we will invite you to the CryoCloud GitHub organization and CryoCloudUsers team (you will receive an email when we do this from GitHub at the email you have linked to your GitHub profile). Please accept this invitation within 7 days or it will disappear and we will have to resend it. Your membership on that GitHub team provides you with access to the CryoCloud.

  3. Open up the CryoCloud JupyterHub to make sure it works for you. You will need your Github username and password to sign on.

  4. Watch the CryoCloud training recording to learn your way around the CryoCloud.

  5. Fill out the CryoCloud Onboarding Survey. This Onboarding Survey will be one of the most important outcomes of the CryoCloud program to help us ensure we are building infrastructure and community practices that best meet your needs. We will gather a subset of the survey information at 6-month intervals to gauge the change that CryoCloud has produced. This survey will take ~5-10 min. Thank you for your time in filling out this survey!

  6. Add yourself to our Slack channel to join the community, get updates, and ask any questions.

  7. We welcome feedback on the onboarding training in a short anonymous feedback form, which will help us to improve the training system for the next group of CryoCloud users.